Eddie and Emery return home, where Jenny try dressed given that Eric Cartman away from South Park

Eddie output family and you may complains in the Chestnut’s come back to Jessica, just to be very impressed whenever Jessica tells him to sit down and that she’d like to discover their dilemmas

Jenny says to him or her you to definitely Evan try their space and you may admonishes them to own mocking her or him, speaing frankly about Eddie once the « goofy » and you may telling Emery that he enjoys sensitive give. Since the Eddie informs Emery that they need to make up that have Evan, Jenny starts to quote Cartman, which she mentioned she appreciated since the he was usually noticed whenever Kenny is slain. Eddie and you can Emery, putting on a costume as one another, enter into Evan’s room and you can apologize. Evan smiles at the impersonations of any most other and you can tells her or him that he overreacted, and you will apologizes to help you his earlier brothers for destroying Halloween night.

Eddie then tells Evan which he didn’t damage Halloween, and that an effective cheer to be old is they can commemorate Halloween night and you may day trick-or-dealing with far later on than simply it prior to now you’ll. Emery after that wonders who they might actually skirt since, and you can Evan raises the newest pictures of your own three ones dressed up since « The 3 Amigos. » Eddie, Emery and you will Evan wear the dresses as About three Amigos, however, Eddie and Emery has outgrown the new attire, involved are a tiny tight for the Emery if you’re Eddie’s midriff are launched. Evan walks inside the, claiming one their dress still fits. The new brothers after that strike a pose only for a tearing music to get read. Eddie next tells his brothers he torn anything however, isn’t sure exactly what it are, and you can asks their brothers to appear aside. [45]

Louis next dismisses her or him with the intention that he may go back home and work on their lawn, and you can Chestnut treks out having your to talk about the backyard

Eddie and you can Trent is handling the shipments of restaurants brought to Cattleman’s, discussing the latest newfound obligation which was push abreast of him or her, with Trent thinking he may even get an advertising. Simply following, Louis treks in to look at exactly what restaurants has been taken to them, just to find most of the packets is filled with nuts. The three ponder on what kind of nuts they are given in the event the delivery man divulges that they are chestnuts. When Louis asks the person how the guy knows that, the man feedback it is since the he is an effective ‘chestnut’, revealing themselves as the one and only Matthew Chestnut.

Chestnut apologizes getting leaving Louis, however, asks to return. Trent is actually puzzled as to whom Chestnut are, and you will Eddie shows you in order to him one to Chestnut is actually Louis’ best-hands son just before he remaining to manage eatery vendors in https://datingranking.net/nl/ardent-overzicht/ the Dollywood. If you are Louis initially appears to be upset during the Chestnut, up against from up against him, the guy believes to bring Chestnut straight back while the their companion, reinstating your just like the a manager. Chestnut next tells her or him which he kept all of their onions regarding parking area under the sun to do his chestnut piece, and Louis requests Eddie and Trent so you can access her or him, far to Trent’s chagrin, who claims one to his chances of getting marketed to director was more.

She explains that it’s a method known as LIEing, Lie reputation getting Pay attention, Choose, Encourage, one she read about inside her Teacher Government guide. She pays attention so you can Eddie’s condition on the Chestnut back once again to Cattleman’s, relates to that he’s distressed when Eddie claims one to Chestnut is actually bossy, and you can ‘encourages’ him to bring it as he states you to definitely Chestnut’s code in the delivery teams banned for eating ketchup otherwise mayo packets try unfair.

On Cattleman’s, Louis is holding an employees meeting where he discourages covering up rubber snakes in the fire extinguisher, even with as being the offender responsible. Whenever Chestnut cites that Louis purchasing as much as their mistake tends to make him good chief, Trent makes a snide remark throughout the Chestnut are « upwards Louis’ ass. » Eddie implies that they use a suggestions container so employees is anonymously express ideas, which Louis 1st takes into account up until Chestnut states one back in Dollywood, Dolly Parton didn’t have a referral package because the she had a couple ears to learn one advice. Louis up coming closes along the suggestion, telling his teams they can chat straight to Chestnut of any questions otherwise issues.